Baldness - CNC: Others methods against baldness

Before, during or after the medical and trichological therapies against baldness, it is possible to  carry out interventions exclusively for the esthetical resolution that may be to short or long term.  Between the various possibilities, there is a remarkable product that comes from a collaboration with the Section Consultant. It’s important to notice that this technique is not in contrast with a pharmacological therapy or with a surgical one, on the contrary they may be complementary.

Natural Hair on Contact® - CNC® - from Cesare Ragazzi Company

This innovative technique (not invasive) consists in thickening with natural hair (one’s hair or hair coming from a donor) that is introduced in a fine resin layer of hypoallergenic component. The thickening technique pursuit the natural hair distribution and inclination. In this way, it is possible to return have one’s hair in an absolute naturalness, improving also the esthetical look. The CNC® thickening technique may be carried out in a gradual and progressive way, obtaining the desired result without any abrupt and sudden change of the image.  

CNC: avant et après

The product is proposed as an exclusively esthetical solution for bald or thinning areas, able to consent the natural functions of the scalp, so as transpiration, oxygenation and cellular turnover. The esthetical and functional result is surely remarkable and between the best ones available.

The preventive allergic analysis and the seborrhoeic compatibility evaluation of the CNC® (natural hair on contact) customer, carried out by dermatologists, has allowed positive synergies with the patient.  

In order to establish the best solution for the reader, some possible itinerary follows:

  1. Visit with the dermatologist-trichologist that may establish with precision and surety if it’s possible to benefit from this innovative technique, by excluding a priori incompatibility situations to the product.
  2. Read FAQ about the argument.
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