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These pages by Dermastudio want to inform you about the efficiency of LightSheer« and MedArt« 435 Lasers for definitive depilation. These lasers work with diode impulses, they are the latest generation of depilatory lasers and are completely computerized.

The treatment takes place under very strict medical and dermatological control. The laser will only be applied after a dermato-tricologic consultation. This consultation is compulsive and its aim is to establish the parameters of the therapy and exclude indications (from other doctors) that might affect the treatment.

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The type of hair that can be removed is the dark hair. 

The dermatologist will evaluate whether the LightSheer« or the MedArt« 435 Laser are better for you depending on your skin type.

The relatively high wavelength of LightSheer« and MedArt« 435 Laser (800nm and 810nm respectively) grants an optimal penetration, so that even the deepest roots of the hair are reached. The long impulse (between 5 and 100 milliseconds) does not irritate the skin. 

The intensive and repetitive rhythm and the big diameter of the laser make the depilation relatively quick and less painful (also thanks to reliable skin cooling techniques).


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